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    • Hi Boris – many thanks for your very kind words which are much appreciated – look forward to seeing you in the US forex session on Thursday – all best wishes and thanks again – Anna

  1. Hey,
    How are you?
    I did read your book “Forex for beginners” and I was blown away how easy it was to understand!
    It did lead me to others – I find them very easy to read and very helpful !
    Currently started to read : “A three dimensional approach to forex trading” which is last book left which is sad, so I hope for some more good books in near future:)

    • Hi Nauris – many thanks for your very kind comments which are much appreciated and I’m so pleased that you are enjoying reading my books and finding them useful, helpful, and perhaps best of all …easy to understand:-) I have just published another book on binary options. Again you can find this on Amazon and it’s title is Binary Options Unmasked and is available in both Kindle and paperback. I am currently writing two new books which will be published soon, the first is on trading, and the second is a follow up book on volume analysis, with worked examples across all markets. This is a book many of my readers have been requesting for some time, so I have finally managed to get this underway, and both books should be published in the next 3/4 months. By the end of the year I will also be publishing a large work on stock investing, so I hope you will find these useful too. Thanks once again and wishing you every success in your own trading – kind regards – Anna

      • Dear Anna Coulling, Much appreciated your work, at amazon I added your Volume Analysis book and was about to order but read your comment about follow-up book. I hope this would be big plus since at Amazon reviews many readers requested for chart examples. Please can you update about timings of new Books.


        • Hi Zeeshan – many thanks for your very kind comments and I’m so pleased you enjoyed reading the volume price analysis book. With regard to new books I am currently working on several of these which will be published next year and in addition I am also developing a range of educational courses which will complement the books which will all be available on Amazon and both in paperback and in Kindle versions with details on my site. Thanks once again and wishing you good trading – Kind regards Anna

  2. Aloha Anna,

    I have registered for the Forex training for the London as well as the New York sessions.

    I am new to learning about Forex and I am also looking forward to learning as much as I can about these new strategies that have so much potential for financial freedom!

    Thank you for all of your educational books, YouTube videos and website educating people!

    I look forward to future learning!

    Thank you very much,

    Steven Crumsey

    • Hi Steven – many thanks for your very kind comments and I’m delighted that you have joined my forex training rooms and I look forward to seeing you there. Its wonderful to here from my readers all around the world and I am just so touched that you have taken the time to write to me personally. It is much appreciated and I will write back, so please bear with me – I do receive a huge number of emails every day, but I will reply in due course, I promise. All best wishes and many thanks again for your kind and generous comments which are much appreciated – kind regards – Anna

  3. Hi Anna, hope you are well. I am new to forex and I have read lot about your book, i have to say reviews are fantastic. I have recently ordered it from amazon. I would like to know that really money can be made from forex? and if so what can living be made from forex ? and how long does it takes approximately to start that process? and whats the future of forex? I have come across knowledge to action seminars but i can’t afford to spend so much on their seminar also i am not sure whether is it real or not. So I look forward to hear from you.

    Mandar Karekar

    • Hi Mandar – many thanks for your very kind comments which are much appreciated and thank you also for investing in my books, which I hope you enjoy and find useful. With regard to your questions on making a full time living from forex – my answer would be yes it is possible, but requires hard work, study and a great deal of practice, as well as having the personality profile that can deal with the ups and downs of trading. In addition I always recommend that you keep a full time income to pay the bills whilst learning the art of trading. Of all the issues, learning how to lose is probably the one thing we all have to learn, and once mastered then this is perhaps the key to success. With regard to seminars, I cannot comment as I have not attended such courses, but all I would say is that if your capital is limited then it may be better to retain for your trading capital. Also, when attending such courses, I firmly believe that you need to decide on your own approach and then search out courses or educational materials which then help you to build your knowledge. For example, you may decide that you are a fundamental trader, in which case attending a course based on technical analysis would not be appropriate. Equally, if your approach is primarily technical, then you may consider fundamental less relevant. My advice is to start by reading, develop your own ideas and an approach which suits you, and then by all means consider further education but which builds on your own belief system or methodology. I hope this helps and all best wishes – kind regards – Anna

  4. Hi Anna and David
    I have all your books and have enjoyed reading them. I have just started as a young 77 year old trader and your books have started me on the right trail. I look forward to the training sessions which I am sure will be very enjoyable.
    Michael Knight
    Purley, England

    • Hi Michael – many thanks for taking the time to write and I am just so delighted to hear from you, as I am am fervent believer in the adage that you are never too old to start! Remember that Irving Khan bless him kept going until he was 109, so there is a lesson for us all there:-) Thank you so much for your very kind comments which are much appreciated and thank you also for investing in my books and I am so pleased you enjoyed reading them. I loved writing them, and I am just so humbled by the kind comments that I have received, so thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. As I said, I firmly believe you are never to old to start in the business, and if I can help in any way, please do keep in touch, and I look forward to meeting you in the forex rooms – all best wishes and many thanks again – kind regards – Anna

  5. I just signed up for your webinars but find the are at 2 am my time. Are they rebroadcast or do you have a US market series? I am really looking forward to your knowledge. Thank you, Jordan

    • Hi Robert – many thanks for getting in touch and I’m guessing that you may be in the US? This was one of the reasons we added other webinars on Friday with the second webinar starting at 12.30 pm UK time and the third at 14.15 pm UK time, which I hope are a little more comfortable for you. The second of these is primarily forex on both MT4 and NinjaTrader and the third focus more on commodities and indices using the NinjaTrader platform. I have included the link here – webinars – if you scroll down the page you will find the other two listed below the first. I hope this helps and many thanks once again and I look forward to seeing you there – kind regards – Anna

  6. I started studying Forex for Beginners last week. What a brilliant book. Clear and detailed with being labored. Chart analysis very clear and provides a full understanding of what they mean. I like the way that Anna stresses that there is no easy route to riches – sadly.

    • Hi William – many thanks for your very kind and generous comments which are much appreciated and I’m just delighted that you enjoyed reading Forex For Beginners. As I always stress in the forex trading rooms there is no short cut to success,despite what many people say! However, with study and effort it is possible to succeed and achieve your dreams – its not what everyone wants to hear, but for those who are prepared to out in the work, the rewards are there in the markets:-) Many thanks once again and wishing you every success in your own trading – kind regards – Anna

  7. Hi Anna i have just signed up to your webinars and can not wait to start learning from yourself & David .
    I have been learning for about 8 months from your books and youtube vids but have not rushed in and opened a Account with a broker because of the horror storys ive heared about people blowing up there accounts.
    So now i am at a stage where i think it is time to move on to the next level and learn from the PRO’S….. Then maybe in a years time after a lot of demo account trading i will start to trade with a mirco account and go from there,
    Anyway cannot wait to get started and become a PRO at price & volume analysis..


    • Hi Paul – many thanks for your kind comments which are much appreciated and I’m delighted to hear that you are taking things slowly, which is the best way:-) The markets are always there so there is no rush – just take your time. David and I have been trading for almost twenty years and still we never stop learning – there is always something new to discover which is what makes the markets so fascinating. I look forward to meeting you in the webinars and hope you find them enjoyable, informative and educational which is what we try to achieve each week. Thanks once again and wishing you every success in your own trading – all best wishes – Anna

    • Hi Joseph – many thanks for taking the time to drop by and leave a comment, and thank you also for your very kind words which are much appreciated. With regard to choosing a broker here are some suggestions, and as you can appreciate I do not give endorsements of any kind for brokers, only general suggestions. And perhaps the first suggestion is to visit a site called – here you will find all the brokers listed with their various offers. I would suggest you consider a broker who has no dealing desk and these are generally classified as ECN, STP (Straight Through) brokers or NDD (Non Dealing Desk) brokers which means that any orders are routed and filled in the market and not by the dealing desk of the broker. Those brokers who do have a dealing desk are normally classified as market makers, as they are making the market themselves in terms of pricing and therefore you will be dealing against them most of the time which raises opportunities for slippage and stop hunting etc. The other thing to consider when looking at these brokers is the data feed, and what you are looking for here is a nice deep feed which has plenty of providers from the interbank pool. Again you should find this as part of the listing information.

      I hope the above helps and as always whenever you are choosing a broker, it is important to do your due diligence and to check them out carefully in advance. Also it is important to check the lot sizes they offer ( micro/ mini etc ) and also what style of trading they allow. Some brokers do not allow scalping so again this is something you need to check carefully before going ahead with a live account. All best wishes and if I can help further please just let me know – wishing you every success and many thanks again – Anna

    • Hi Paula – many thanks for your question and I think the question you may be asking is which markets require the lowest investment of trading capital? The brokers are merely there for execution and it is the market that you propose to trade which will dictate the level of trading capital you need to commit to the account. The lowest of these is in forex due to the leverage available and you can start with a few hundred dollars. However, leverage is a double edged sword and whilst it will help to increase returns when you are in profit, equally it will magnify losses just as quickly. My advice therefore is always start with the smallest leverage possible, the smallest trading capital and trade the smallest contract size as you learn. For forex this would be micro lots which are 1/10th of a mini lot. Moving to other markets, for futures trading you would require several thousand dollars for initial and maintenance margin requirements even for the smallest contracts. And for stocks the maximum leverage here is 2:1 so again you would require a significant amount of starting capital. Finally, if you are trading options some option strategies require lower margins and therefore less trading capital required. I hope this helps to answer your question and wishing you every success in your trading – Anna

  8. Hi Anna,

    Just working through your “A Complete Guide to Volume Price Analysis” and so grateful to have found it. I have been a big fan of Wyckoff for a long time but had a difficult time understanding his writings and teachings, so I am so excited to find it finally starting to make sense with your book! I cannot wait to get proficient in VPA and really take my trading to all new levels!

    • Hi Debi – many thanks for taking the time to write and I’m delighted that you enjoyed reading A Complete Guide To Volume Price Analysis, and many thanks for your kind comments which are much appreciated. Wishing you every success and if you do have any questions please just drop me a line here – always happy to help if I can. All best wishes and and many thanks once again – kind regards Anna

  9. Hi. I am learning a lot reading your book “Forex for Beginners”, so decided to join the trading room to learn even more.

  10. Your VPA is a model of clarity. Trade long stocks, nothing else. You shined a light on Wyckoff and made it real. Kudos.

  11. Ron Brown mentioned your book, I devoured it. You opened my eyes. Hopefully you will touch on stocks (not a forex trader). You are a saint for writing the VPA book!

    • Hi Stephen – many thanks for taking the time to drop by and thank you for your very kind comments which are much appreciated, and I’m so delighted you enjoyed reading the VPA book. I cannot tell you the pleasure I receive from comments and feedback such as yours and please do give my best wishes ( and thanks ) to Ron when you next speak to him. Thanks once again and all best wishes, and wishing you every success in the future with your trading and investing – all best wishes – Anna

  12. Hi,
    I was registering so I could get the password to see the full size images in the book. Would you please direct me to where I can find the password to access the full size images.
    Thank you

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