A Complete Guide to Volume Price Analysis

A-complete-guide-to-volume-price-analysis-by-anna-coullingThis is the book I have been meaning to write for many years. Finally, I have found the time to do just that!

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Volume has been the cornerstone on which my own trading career has been built. It was where I started, and I consider myself fortunate to have done so. Why? Because volume and price are the ONLY leading indicators of future market activity. Many traders never discover their awesome power until it’s too late, relying on lagging indicators, which………lag the market. Now finally it’s here. In the book you will discover the unique approach that is VPA, or Volume Price Analysis.

Price on it’s own is just that – a price. Volume on it’s own is just that – volume. But combine them together, and just like adding saltpetre, charcoal and sulphur, they become an explosive mixture. Your charts will quite literally EXPLODE into life. Suddenly you will have the insight to read the next market move, before it happens. Now, with VPA your trading will become stress free and enjoyable. Why? Because your trading decisions will be based on logic and common sense. The insiders simply CANNOT hide market activity from view. All you need to do is interpret the volume price relationship – then simply follow them. AND YES – even in the spot forex market!!

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A well written and clearly presented book.

– Richard Wolfe

This is one of the better trading books I have read in some time.

– Doug

When I was looking for a good book or ebook on volume and price action I came across this book. I was skeptical, at first, because the ebook had a low price and the reviews seemed to be too good to really represent buyers opinions. I was wrong.

From the moment that I first read the ebook I found it to be packed with easy to understand, important information for trading stocks or other markets. I quickly had to start taking notes on what I read. This was the kind of information that I had been searching for since I first started trading stock options.

I have not finished the ebook yet, since I am taking detailed notes, but from what I learned about volume price analysis so far, I have been able to use in my trading and I have made over 50% returns on some trades. My gains far outweigh my losses. This book really is the real deal on trading in general. I appreciate what this author has done in simplifying this trading method.

– D. Phillips

The market only produces three pieces of information: price and volume over time. Why would you NOT pick up a book on how to read these together? Especially at this price. I found this to be one of the best explanations for beginners of how volume and price create a picture of supply and demand. Ms. Coulling did a terrific job, I really can’t recommend this book highly enough.

I would love for Ms Coulling to publish a huge chart book of example trades or a DVD illustrating trades or better yet both 🙂 There really is not that much quality information floating around on how to read price and volume together. I am really glad I came across this book.

After reading Ms Coulling’s work. I would also recommend Tom Williams “Master the Market” and the original Richard D. Wyckoff Course in Stock Market Science and Technique. Great follow up reads, but go through Ms. Coulling’s work first.

– Sebastian

When I got an ad e-mail from Amazon announcing new arrivals I decided to give it a try because I felt that my knowledge in this area was insufficient and the price was competitive. And from the first page I realized that I couldn’t make the better choice.

As a novice trader I could read everywhere that the volume should confirm the price, but the biggest problem was that I didn’t understand how to make a link between these two parameters on a chart. I was amazed by how the writer was talented to give a thorough, but clear explanation of the meaning behind V-A, so that I can now immediately see when the price is validated by V. The author is not trying to make a science of it. Instead, she opens up a new world to you by making you a good observer and analyst and help you to put information given into practice.

While reading, I had a feeling that the author was not guided by urgency, but wish to share her knowledge and experience and help inexperienced traders to overcome the same difficulties she had at the beginning of her trading career with less difficulties. In the next edition, I would like to find out whether it is possible to scan for stocks which are at a volume-supported zone, because I guess that leaving the zone may be a trading opportunity.

I highly recommend the book to beginners and all those who think they may benefit from expanding their knowledge of this topic.

– Gordana

Frankly, I feel I ‘ve been handed the keys to the kingdom. I am excited to apply what I have learned from this very informative
book. I have read many many books on trading and they all were interesting but none of them gave me as thorough an understanding of market activity as this book has. I came upon this book randomly. After reading a couple chapters I was impressed with how well it was written. Wasn’t surprised to find out, that the author had been an English teacher before trading for a living.
After finishing it I feel very lucky to have found it. And my confidence has soared…I now understand whats going on when I look at a chart, and why it’s going on.

Volume/Price Analyses is crucial to understanding what the professionals are doing, after all making a market is how they make a living day in day out. Anna Coulling’s book teaches you how to see what the big money is up to…Like I said the keys to the kingdom. Now when I look at a chart I can see them clear as day. I don’t need moving averages, MACD, RSI etc, etc…

To top it off, the price for this book is a BARGAIN! BUY IT. STUDY IT, AND PROSPER!

– Steph