Binary options unmasked, and other trading books coming soon…

Question Dear Anna, I hope you are doing well. Anna, I am just curious to know when you are going to publish your next books and what they will be about. Wishing you a pleasant weekend! Best wishes, Answer Hi … Continue reading

It was no surprise to me – still NO selling climax!

I wrote a post last week entitled the Alice in Wonderland World of the markets in which I confidently stated that the present market correction, particularly in indices and equities was just that, and not as many were forecasting, what … Continue reading

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The Alice in Wonderland world of the markets

If you have ever read any of the enchanting and enduring books by Lewis Carroll, you might be excused for thinking that you had indeed fallen asleep and entered the wonderland world with Alice and joined the Mad Hatters tea … Continue reading

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Canadian dollar picks up bearish tone from oil

As oil continues to move ever lower and with increasing momentum, it is the Canadian dollar which is catching the backwash and as the commodity continues to fall, so this is dragging the currency down with it. Today’s price action … Continue reading

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Oil bloodied and battered as the mauling continues

If oil were one of the protagonists in a boxing match, the fight would have been stopped long ago with crude oil battered bruised and bleeding in a sea of red! And yet the referee on this occasion is happy … Continue reading

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The US dollar rules – OK!

Difficult to believe that until recently the US dollar was being written off by all and sundry, with some even suggesting that its days as the currency of first reserve were numbered. Many were calling for the Yuan to replace … Continue reading


The battle lines for oil have been drawn

Last week was an interesting one for oil traders, with the rally of Monday promising much, only for this move to be snuffed out during the remainder of the week, as the WTI Light Sweet Crude contract for January closed … Continue reading

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USD/JPY surges through 120.00 with more to come

With the Japanese polls suggesting a landslide victory for Shinzo Abe’s Liberal democrat party, it’s business as usual for the Japanese yen which continues to weaken ever faster, surging through the psychological 120 level in early trading and moving firmly … Continue reading

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Currency futures roundup ahead of NFP

As the currency markets pause ahead of the monthly Non Farm Payroll release due later, I thought it would be a good time to revisit the weekly futures charts for some of the major currency pairs, and to step back … Continue reading

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Aussie dollar continues to be driven by RBA & USD

It’s been an interesting week for the AUD/USD, as the recent statement from Governor Glenn Stevens coupled with continued bullish momentum for the US dollar, has seen the pair pick up the bearish tone once again. Tuesday’s decision by the … Continue reading

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A tale of two commodities

To say the last few days have been a roller coaster ride for commodities would be an understatement, with both oil and gold providing some sensational trading opportunities, but for very different reasons. For gold, it was the Swiss referendum … Continue reading

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My latest currency forecasts – watch out for Sunday!

If you missed my forex training room this week, or any of my latest analysis, you can catch up with my forecasts for the currency markets over at FXstreet.com. This is a weekly forecast, but one which covers both the … Continue reading

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Aussie dollar under fire from all sides!

As we come to the end of another trading week, for the Australian dollar it has been another characterized by negative sentiment with the AUD/USD likely to close with a wide spread down candle, with the bearish tone picking up … Continue reading

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Oil prices fall as OPEC remains calm

As we come to the end of a holiday shortened week with Thanksgiving celebrations in the US, crude oil has continued its relentless bearish trend lower in overnight trading, with the January futures contract moving lower once again, and breaking … Continue reading

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Gold and the euro await the Swiss vote

As the Swiss referendum on gold draws ever nearer with polls suggesting that the nation is favoring a NO vote, it’s time to revisit the gold chart ahead of what is likely to be seminal period for the precious metal, … Continue reading

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A classic game of two halves for the USD/JPY

For the USD/JPY, 2014 could best be described in football terms as a game of two halves, when viewed from almost every perspective, and perhaps the most descriptive timeframe to consider is the weekly chart for the pair. And in … Continue reading

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Buyers return to gold, but for how much longer?

The price action for gold throughout much of November could best be described as chaotic, with volatile days of price action subsequently followed by periods of relative inactivity, only to be replaced with extreme and unpredictable swings intraday. And perhaps … Continue reading


A Complete Guide to Volume Price Analysis

A Complete Guide to Volume Price Analysis

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A Fantastic Book

One the best books I have read on trading with relation to volume and price analysis. Anna explains in detail how volume plays such an important role and some of the tricks played by the big boys. Such a worthwhile read and should totally change your perspective when comes to trading.

Work of genius

This book is like big thing in small packet written in precisely great depth in very easy to understand manner. And the topic cover under this book like VPA(volume price analysis)and VSA (volume spread analysis) is explained in detail and unique way with charts and examples. And also this book shows the working of market from insider (big boys) side of view which make this book even more unique. Once again thank you very very much Anna for writing this book. Waiting for more books from you.

Volume Price Analysis

If you wish to learn about Volume Price Analysis, Anna Coulling’s Kindle book is the best bargain you will ever find. Study her techniques, and you will have a much better feel for all types of securities. I have used VPA for several years, but this book added greatly to my knowledge.

The real deal

This is a great book! I am surprised Anna is selling it as inexpensively as she is. In terms of market interpretation I think it is the best available. I have looked through, partially read, books by some of the Investment and Trading heavyweights, with price tags anywhere from 10 to 20 times more than the price of this book, and the material here beats them hands down. I believe that when a person shares something as informational as this book and doesn’t try to make a killing while doing so, it indicates that they aren’t trying to make their living from book sales. I believe Anna’s main income stream comes from her trading and that is why I call this "The real deal."

A Three Dimensional Approach to Forex Trading

A Three Dimensional Approach to Forex Trading

Answers the question - where is the market going next?

Paperback Version Kindle Version

Success for many traders remains an elusive dream, and whilst the trading process itself is relatively simple and straightforward, the markets themselves are most certainly not. Indeed of the four principle markets, forex is the most complex of all, and yet is promoted as one that could be your own personal ATM machine. Nothing could be further from the truth, which is why many aspiring traders ultimately fail and either give up, or move on. This is a great shame, as it’s not their fault, and is simply because no-one has ever explained how the markets, and in particular, the forex markets, really work.

If this sounds familiar, then this book is for you.

The forex market is far from simple, and the tools and techniques you will need to survive and prosper are varied. Many budding traders approach the world of foreign exchange in a one dimensional way, either in adopting one single analytical technique, or by assuming that this market works in isolation to all others. Both are equally dangerous.

The forex market sits at the heart of the financial world. After all, every decision by every speculator, trader or investor is about one thing, and one thing only – money. The FX market embraces every aspect of risk and return in financial terms, which is then overlain with the political and central bank manipulation, all part and parcel of this world.

To succeed as a forex trader, you need to equip yourself with the tools, the knowledge and the techniques to take on the immense forces ranged against you. Approach the forex market with a pea shooter and you will simply become another casualty. Arm yourself with this book, and you will then enter the forex trading world, fully mobilised with the appropriate weapons, of which knowledge and insight are the most powerful.