Binary options unmasked, and other trading books coming soon…

Question Dear Anna, I hope you are doing well. Anna, I am just curious to know when you are going to publish your next books and what they will be about. Wishing you a pleasant weekend! Best wishes, Answer Hi … Continue reading

Bears tighten their vice like grip on commodities

Yesterday’s trading session for commodities was an interesting one to say the least, with oil prices slumping, gold prices whipsawing, and silver prices breaking lower with momentum, as the bears continue to maintain a vice like grip on the market. … Continue reading

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A defining week ahead for crude oil

It’s been a month of congestion and consolidation for crude oil prices, with the commodity driven by a variety of forces, but as we approach the start of October, the market now appears to be building some momentum in preparation … Continue reading

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Bumper crops continue to drive soft commodities markets

It was another week of falling prices for soft commodities once more, as over supply issues continue to dominate across all the major markets, and clearly evident from the weekly charts. It is the US which sets the price for … Continue reading

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Another torrid week for the currency majors

It’s been another torrid week for many of the majors, as sustained US dollar strength continues to drive the currency markets, coupled with assistance from the central banks. For the Aussie dollar, is was another week of bearish sentiment with … Continue reading

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For a clear view on risk, check out the NQ E-mini

As always, whenever there is a market correction, and for whatever reason, the bears take heart, emerging from the undergrowth to call the top of the market once more! Yesterday’s price action saw them emerge again, following the reaction to … Continue reading

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Crude oil marks time, along with the US dollar

September’s been an interesting month of price action for oil traders, as the WTI contract continues to bounce around, driven back and forth by a variety of forces as it continues to consolidate in a narrow range. The key platform … Continue reading

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A dismal week for gold…..again

It was another dismal week for gold bugs again as the precious metal moved relentlessly lower, with no signals either fundamental, technical or relational, suggesting that the currency bearish trend is coming to an end any time soon. Monday’s modest … Continue reading

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My latest currency forecasts are here

I can’t believe yet another trading week has already slipped by, and what an eventful week it was. For those of you who came along to my forex training room and who also follow me on Facebook, you’ll know I … Continue reading

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Wheat corn and soybean continue to decline steadily

It’s been another week of steady and slow decline for soft commodity prices in general with a combination of factors all helping to extend the bearish price action once again. Of these, it’s the supply and demand equation which is … Continue reading

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Gold price gaps down as bearish sentiment increases

These are torrid and turbulent times for gold, and for anyone thinking the worst was over, the overnight session has delivered yet another hammer blow, with the December gold futures contract opening gapped down at $1223.1 and shedding $12.80 per … Continue reading


Soft commodities driven lower on bumper crop expectations

Almost perfect weather conditions across the principle growing regions in the US, and the prospect of record crops continue to push soft commodity prices lower, and with harvesting now underway, this trend now looks set to continue, with further good … Continue reading

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Currency futures roundup ahead of the FOMC

With the FOMC now in sharp focus, and tomorrow’s key vote on a break up of the United Kingdom now looming, it’s perhaps a good time to consider four of our primary currency futures, the AUD/USD, the GBP/USD, the EUR/USD … Continue reading

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ES Emini preparing to breakout again

It’s been a period of pause and reflection for equity markets, following the picture perfect price action of August, as the up elevator finally reached the next level, rolling gently over into the current phase of price congestion. For the … Continue reading

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Stopping volume and volume at price explained

Question Hi Anna! Thank you so much for writing such a valuable knowledge regarding financial trading. I’m a beginner, but from all the books, articles and studies I’ve made regarding forex, your books (I bought the two of them in … Continue reading


What is a tick ?

Question Hi Anna, I have recently purchased 3 or your books and am currently nearing completion of Forex for beginners. I then intend to move on to a complete guide to Volume Price Analysis and a 3D approach to Trading. … Continue reading

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Gold and silver recover…. but only slightly!

For gold and silver bulls, yesterday’s price action brought some much-needed relief to the recent relentless trend lower, with both metals moving higher in the session. For gold, the intraday low of $1226.30 tested the strong platform of support at … Continue reading

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A Complete Guide to Volume Price Analysis

A Complete Guide to Volume Price Analysis

Read the book, then read the market.

#1 Best Seller: International Foreign Exchange

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A Complete Guide to Volume Price Analysis is an Amazon Best Seller

A Fantastic Book

One the best books I have read on trading with relation to volume and price analysis. Anna explains in detail how volume plays such an important role and some of the tricks played by the big boys. Such a worthwhile read and should totally change your perspective when comes to trading.

Work of genius

This book is like big thing in small packet written in precisely great depth in very easy to understand manner. And the topic cover under this book like VPA(volume price analysis)and VSA (volume spread analysis) is explained in detail and unique way with charts and examples. And also this book shows the working of market from insider (big boys) side of view which make this book even more unique. Once again thank you very very much Anna for writing this book. Waiting for more books from you.

Volume Price Analysis

If you wish to learn about Volume Price Analysis, Anna Coulling’s Kindle book is the best bargain you will ever find. Study her techniques, and you will have a much better feel for all types of securities. I have used VPA for several years, but this book added greatly to my knowledge.

The real deal

This is a great book! I am surprised Anna is selling it as inexpensively as she is. In terms of market interpretation I think it is the best available. I have looked through, partially read, books by some of the Investment and Trading heavyweights, with price tags anywhere from 10 to 20 times more than the price of this book, and the material here beats them hands down. I believe that when a person shares something as informational as this book and doesn’t try to make a killing while doing so, it indicates that they aren’t trying to make their living from book sales. I believe Anna’s main income stream comes from her trading and that is why I call this "The real deal."

A Three Dimensional Approach to Forex Trading

A Three Dimensional Approach to Forex Trading

Answers the question - where is the market going next?

Paperback Version Kindle Version

Success for many traders remains an elusive dream, and whilst the trading process itself is relatively simple and straightforward, the markets themselves are most certainly not. Indeed of the four principle markets, forex is the most complex of all, and yet is promoted as one that could be your own personal ATM machine. Nothing could be further from the truth, which is why many aspiring traders ultimately fail and either give up, or move on. This is a great shame, as it’s not their fault, and is simply because no-one has ever explained how the markets, and in particular, the forex markets, really work.

If this sounds familiar, then this book is for you.

The forex market is far from simple, and the tools and techniques you will need to survive and prosper are varied. Many budding traders approach the world of foreign exchange in a one dimensional way, either in adopting one single analytical technique, or by assuming that this market works in isolation to all others. Both are equally dangerous.

The forex market sits at the heart of the financial world. After all, every decision by every speculator, trader or investor is about one thing, and one thing only – money. The FX market embraces every aspect of risk and return in financial terms, which is then overlain with the political and central bank manipulation, all part and parcel of this world.

To succeed as a forex trader, you need to equip yourself with the tools, the knowledge and the techniques to take on the immense forces ranged against you. Approach the forex market with a pea shooter and you will simply become another casualty. Arm yourself with this book, and you will then enter the forex trading world, fully mobilised with the appropriate weapons, of which knowledge and insight are the most powerful.