Trading Education

As I always say – an educated trader will become a more consistent trader, as trading success is all about developing a method which yields consistent results over time.

Or – put another way – the more you learn, the more you earn!

Whilst you can trade immediately with very little knowledge of how the markets really work, to take your trading to the next level, you also need to start to understand some of the more complex relationships that exist between the four principle capital markets. This knowledge will then help you to understand why the markets are constantly changing, moving first in one direction and then another.

In this section of my site I have tried to explain some of the basic principles that you need to understand as you get started on your own trading journey. In addition I have also tried to cover some of the essential elements of trading which apply to all markets, and underpin trading success, whether you are a longer term investor, or a short term intraday scalper. The principles are similar, and without an understand of risk and money management, the importance of having a trading plan, and other key concepts, it is hard to succeed.

I have also tried to give you some ideas of possible trading strategies across all the four markets, which I hope you will find useful in your own trading. You can also follow me on Twitter and of course, you will also be able to read all my latest market forecasts and analysis on the site as well.

So, please do join me in my training rooms where together with my husband David we look at both the forex and futures markets.

I look forward to seeing you there – Anna