Platform Education

Ninjatrader bannerIn terms of trading platforms, there are two that stand head and shoulders above all the others. Best of breed trading platforms if you like. The first of these is NinjaTrader, and the second is Metatrader or MT4.

NinjaTrader is both an exception platform, as well as an exceptional company, and what’s even more amazing – the platform is FREE. It’s free to download and free to use, and you only pay for using to trade through your broker. The power of the platform is truly revealed when combined with their preferred data provider Kinetick, a super fast and super powerful feed which covers all the primary markets.

As for support, NinjaTrader stands head and shoulders above the rest. There is nothing this company will not do to support its customers, whether third party or direct. Their customer service is exceptional, and without equal in the trading world. And if all this sounds like my pitch for NinjaTrader – it is ! The platform is powerful and free, the support is exceptional and the Kinetick data feed outstanding. What more can I say.

The second platform is of course the ever popular MT4. Once again a free platform, available from a large and growing number of brokers around the world. Simple to install set up and use, and with no additional feed costs, the MT4 platform is the quickest, cheapest and easiest way to get started in trading forex. Order entry, execution and management is simplicity itself. Increasingly, many MT4 brokers are now adding non FX markets, bringing commodities and indices to a wider audience.

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