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The Complete Forex Trading Program is now up and running, and if you would like to take advantage of the special introductory pricing offer, please just head over to the Quantum Trading Education site, and you will then be elgible to purchase at these prices. Just click the link here The Complete Forex Trading Program

The program David and I have put together is comprehensive and truly one of a kind, and encompasses everything you need to know to become consistently succesful as a forex trader. The program consists of five stand alone modules, and these comprise videos, podcasts and supported with PDF’s and ebooks. The program embraces all learning styles from visual and auditory to page based.

Who is this course for?

The program is suitable for novice forex traders, and also those who wish to expand their trading education and knowledge. The details of the program are as follows:

The Psychology of Trading Module

If there is one certainty in trading it is this. The market will ‘mess with your mind’, and mess with your mind in ways you would not have even thought possible. In a nutshell this is what this module and the associated workbooks are all about. First to help you to understand why. In helping you to understand how and why you behave in the way you do, this then leads to the second part, which is in finding solutions and coping mechanisms. Part of the coping lies in the understanding, as with self knowledge comes self awareness.

This ability to step outside ourselves, and to look from the outside in, is the first stage in developing what I like to call, a trading persona. Each of us is different. Each of us is unique. Each one of us has to find the approach that suits us. This is the goal. To find our own trading template which then fits comfortably with our trading persona, and in doing so, gives us the greatest opportunity to achieve success.

(The module includes six videos, six podcasts and eight ebooks)

The Relational Analysis Module

Every decision taken by every investor, trader or speculator, in every financial market everywhere in the world is about money. Nothing else – just money. Does this sound like an obvious statement? Perhaps , but it is also the single reason most forex traders struggle as they sit fixated on one currency chart wondering why the pair has moved against them. 

Market prices are the result of the combined decision making by investors and speculators across all markets with two objectives in mind. Either to increase their wealth or to protect what they have. When a market participant buys a high risk asset class, they are relinquishing liquidity in return for some future gain, and prepared to take on higher risk. On the other hand, when a market participant sells a high risk asset class, they are looking for a safe haven to protect their gain, and will consequently buy a low risk asset class as a result. However, once risk appetite returns, then high risk assets will be bought again. 

This is the cyclical process that all markets follow minute by minute and day by day, as money flows from high risk to low risk assets and back again, all driven with one thing in mind. To maximise potential returns on that money. Every asset class in every one of the financial markets has a different risk profile and as a result, market sentiment and risk appetite ebb and flow continually. It is this constant flow of money which drives the markets. Understand the money flow, and you begin to understand market behaviour in all its forms

(The module includes seventeen videos, seventeen podcasts and one ebook)

The Fundamental Analysis Module

You do no need to be an economist to understand the world of fundamental analysis. But you will need to understand each release, its importance, and what it actually means in terms of any impact on the currency, and how the central bank is likely to view this data in the context of developing future monetary policy for the country. All central banks are tasked with developing a stable economy with steady growth, and to manage inflation to ensure it grows steadily to stimulate the economy. All of this is done using the blunt instrument of interest rates, and in the last few years increasingly with bond buying programs of various types. Now we are starting to see negative interest rates on the horizon as the central banks around the world continue to move into uncharted waters. 

The world of fundamental analysis has changed dramatically over the last ten years, and as traders we have to adapt and change too, and in this series of videos and with the associated e book, we help you to understand every aspect of this exciting new world.

(The module includes twenty one videos, twenty one podcasts and one ebook)

The Technical Analysis Module

For many traders and investors, price and the price chart itself are the beginning and the end of technical analysis, and this perhaps best describes those traders who classify themselves as price action traders. All they consider is the price and nothing else. However, for myself, and many others, this approach completely ignores the extension of price to its logical association with volume, which together then reveals the truth behind the raw data of price. 

The explanation generally given is that technical analysis is based on the underlying philosophy that all market sentiment is contained within a simple price chart. That a price chart encapsulates the views of every market participant at a given point in time. Moreover, that technical analysis is simply price analysis, and that traders can forecast the future direction of price by analysing and studying where it has been in the past. 

Whilst this is undoubtedly true, what it fails to account for is the market manipulation which occurs in all markets and all timeframes. And in order to see inside the market, and what the insiders and market makers are doing, we have one tool at our disposal which reveals their activity instantly, and that tool is volume. Volume is the catalyst which when combined with price, provides the foundation stone which is volume price analysis.

And if you thing this is a new approach, think again. This method was first developed by the founding father of technical analysis, Charles Dow, more than a century ago, and then further developed by one of the greatest traders of all time, Richard Wyckoff. Iconic traders such as Jesse Livermore and Richard Ney used the same approach, and all had one thing in common. All used the ticker tape, reading the prices and associated volumes to interpret and forecast future direction through the prism of volume and price. 

(The module includes twenty three videos, twenty three podcasts and one ebook comlete with 200 annotated and worked examples)

The Mechanics of Trading Module

One of my favourite words in the English language is one which is manufactured, a made up word which was in the title of a book. That word is simplexity and as you might expect is a combination of two words. Simple and complex. And it is this word which I believe best sums up the curious and fascinating world of foreign exchange.

On the one hand it appears delightfully simple and indeed this is the message portrayed by virtually every site which exhorts you to take up trading in the forex market. The words simple, easy, fast, quick and rich will appear somewhere in the text, but this simplicity ends once you have opened your account. Up to this point, simple, quick and easy would certainly apply. Yes it is very simple to start with only a credit card required. Yes it is quick and easy to be up and running fast. 

But this is where the simplicity ends and the complexity starts, a fact that passes many traders by, who have been seduced into thinking this market will deliver huge profits with little effort. This is the world of fantasy and dreams. The reality of life is very different. Yes this market can deliver and deliver in spades, but only if you are prepared to put in the time and effort to understand it. Indeed I am reminded of one of Richard Wyckoffs three laws which I cover in detail in the technical analysis module, and in particular the third law which he called effort vs result. And to quote from his own course 

‘ if there is an effort, the result must be in proportion to this effort’

This short statement from one of the iconic traders of the past perhaps best sums up the mindset and mentality when we consider entering the world of forex trading. If you are prepared to put int the effort to understand and learn the complexities of this market then the results will follow. If you are not, then you are likely to struggle and trading will be a painful journey.

(The module includes twenty four videos, twenty four podcasts and one ebook)



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