USD slide pauses

January 16, 2018 Anna 0

Recent sharp falls in the USD appear to have paused with the currency of first reserve now finding some support at the 90 price region […]

Gold pauses on USD strength

January 9, 2018 Anna 0

The current heavy focus on cryptocurrencies has meant less of a spotlight on gold, which has been staging an impressive rally since mid December, and […]

Waiting for the NFP

November 3, 2017 Anna 0

Just waiting for the last of our trio of USD events, and as mentioned in my last post FOMC was indeed the non-event many suspected […]

Cable drags down the bulls

August 17, 2015 Anna 0

One question I’m often asked by new traders which currency pairs they should they start with, and my suggestion has always been to consider Cable, […]

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