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Hi Anna, 
I recently purchased your book on volume price analysis. I am wondering what you recommend for software for technical analysis, and/ or if you have a website or service for recommendations based on technical analysis. Thanks so much


Hi –  Many thanks for your email and thanks also for buying my VPA book which I hope you enjoyed. With regard to technical analysis and charts, the ones that I use primarily are as follows :

  1. MT4 for charting in spot forex – this is free and available from most forex brokers
  2. NinjaTrader and Kinetick – this is primarily for futures trading and for tick based charts – this is paid on subscription. The NinjaTrader platform is free to download but you do have to pay for the intraday live feed ( although they do offer a limited EOD free option) In addition, NinjaTrader and Kinetick have an excellent offer running, called the CME waiver programme. The way this works is very simple, and if your broker is one of those on the preferred list, then registering with the CME waiver programme gives you the option to avoid any exchange fees when trading. Its a great way to save on these and all that’s required is that you log in to your Kinetick and brokerage account simultaneously once a month, and this then confirms the offer once again. You can find out more about the CME waiver programme here. Finally remember that NinjaTrader have recently purchased Mirus Futures and now offer their own brokerage service – NinjaTrader brokerage
  3. Chartsmart – this is a package that I use for longer term investing in stocks. It’s a great package for filtering 1000’s of stocks quickly and covers the US and Canadian markets primarily – this again is a paid service but great value
  4. Sharescope – another great charting package which I use mainly for UK stocks – again its a paid service but they do offer a trial I believe.

With regard to any subscription services, this is not something I offer at the moment, and the site I think you are referring to is simply one that takes my regular market analysis ( or snippets ), which you can find for free at I try to cover the major markets here with my daily analysis and using both the technical, fundamental and relational aspects of market behaviour. Once again many thanks for getting in touch and I hope the above helps. Wishing you every success in your trading – Anna

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Hi – my name is Anna Coulling and I am a full time currency, commodities and equities trader. I have been involved in both trading and investing for over fifteen years and have traded many different financial instruments, from options and futures to stocks and commodities. I write and publish articles ( mostly for free ) for UK and international publications on a wide variety of financial issues, and in particular I enjoy helping others learn how to invest and trade.

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  1. Hi Anna, Until a few days ago I never heard of you. Browsing the web I ran across your book VOLUME PRICE ANALYSIS. I now own your book. What got my attention was your mention of the GREAT RICHARD NEY. In my opinion he was the best of the best. I saw him on the TV SHOW STOCK MARKET OBSERVER in Chicago. I subscribed to his news letter. Like Richard said this will be the best $100.00 dollars you ever spend. It sure was. I made a fortune in a very shot time. My people thought I was a genius. Then I received a letter from Richard saying he was ending his news letter service and only doing managed accounts. Well the crystal ball was gone. Trading stocks has never been the same. You are the only person I know of that refers to Richard Ney. ANNA you have my unattended attention. Please do not stop doing what you are doing. I will follow every move you make. Richard Ney Anna Coulling you gotta be great. Hoping you are around for a vey long time. Best Wishes for a new found friendship. God Bless You, Mike Orelove, Alsip,Illinois

    • Hi Mike – I have to be honest and say that I was completely overwhelmed by your wonderfully kind and generous comments, which left me feeling very humble and I am just so thrilled and delighted that you stumbled on my own work on volume price analysis and its association with the late great Richard Ney. If we have heroes, he is certainly one of mine, and it is wonderful to hear from someone who had direct contact with him, which makes him all the more real, and I wish more traders were aware of his work which is just as relevant today as it was then. At some point in the future I would like to write a tribute book to Richard, as I feel his work needs to be brought to the attention of a much wider audience. His writing style is unique and his letters to the SEC and others, masterpieces of uncovering the truth. I did have a thought which crossed my mind whilst writing this reply, which is – do you by any chance have any of his old newsletters? I would love to see any of the originals which would make fascinating reading, and who knows, could even create the foundation of a book? If you do have any, that would be amazing, and I would love to publish any of them here on my site and reference you ( of course) as the owner and ‘curator’ of this unique content:-) Anyway, I would be thrilled to see any if you have kept them – I do hope so!

      For me, when I first started trading, volume just made sense – the logic was inescapable and I cannot imagine ever looking at a chart with no volume. It is the first thing I look for, and second is then the price, and from there, the chart then comes to life!

      With regard to staying in touch, please do drop me a line on my personal email at anna[at] as we Richard Ney officiaados need to stick together. All I can say once again is thank you so much for your kind and glowing comments, and thank you also, of course, for buying the volume price analysis book. Not in the same class as Richard Ney I know, but I hope he would have approved. All best wishes and many thanks again – and I look forward to hearing from you in due course – kind regards – Anna

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