My latest currency forecasts – watch out for Sunday!

FXstreet_latest_forecastIf you missed my forex training room this week, or any of my latest analysis, you can catch up with my forecasts for the currency markets over at This is a weekly forecast, but one which covers both the monthly and quarterly prospects for a variety of  pairs, both majors and cross currency pairs.

One to watch this weekend in particular is the euro, with the Swiss referendum now imminent and due on Sunday. If a yes vote is confirmed this may trigger some extreme and volatile price action in the currency markets, and in particular for the euro, with the Swiss National Bank then being forced to increase it’s holding of gold reserves to 20%, with purchases almost certainly funded in euros. However, given the collapse in the price of gold on Friday, the prospect of a no vote now seems increasingly likely, with gold speculators selling their long positions of earlier in the month. An interesting weekend ahead, and trading on Monday could be very profitable indeed.

If you have missed these over the last few weeks – apologies – I was deep in proofing for the forthcoming Binary Options book which is now going to print and will be available in the next two weeks. Thanks for your patience – Anna

Latest FXstreet forecast here

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