Gold finds its mojo

The monthly chart for gold gives gold traders and investors some much needed cheer as the precious metal now has some solid support at $1257 where the volume point of control currently sits, and from where the metal has progressed on solid volume. To the upside $1357 is the target and first significant resistance on this time frame, and any break through here would take the metal to $1374. But what is encouraging from this price action is that any break of this second resistance would take gold into a low volume node on this chart, and gives the metal the potential to accelerate higher and back to the key $1500 per ounce region.

Much, of course, will also depend on the USD, and whether the currency can reverse the current bearish sentiment.

By Anna Coulling




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  1. One of the most intelligent trading analyst of all time. Anna i salute you. I am still reading your book on volume price analysis and that book resonates with me. I am a mechanical technician by profession, and i am a part time trader. I am a self-taught trader who started a journey of learning the markets 2 years ago. This was after i had bought a trading system for $2000 which turned out to be useless because i did not know market structure. So the system generated signals and 75% of the time it was late wen smart money was taking profits. So due to my inquisitive nature, i sacrificed $10 000 teaching myself the art of trading. I am almost there and the last 6 months have been slow profits in the right direction. VPA was my missing link and some traders always brushed me aside when i mentioned volume in forex. I am so lucky that i have found this complementary Resource when i am taking my trading to the next level. Thank you so much. I am sure i will attend your next webinar.

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