Appeal for help following Typhoon Haiyan

help-victims-of-typhoon-haiyan-red-crossPlease make a donation NOW

Many of you reading this post, will already be aware of the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan which hit the Philippines last weekend, leaving death and destruction in its wake. Thousands have died and now ten’s of thousands have been left homeless, having lost everything, and are now in destitute and in need of our help and support. For me, this is a very personal appeal, as I have friends in the region who have suffered directly, and are now waiting and hoping that help will come soon to a region devastated and broken. Having survived the typhoon, the worst time for many is only just beginning, and is the time when they need us the most. The media will move on to the next headline story, but for these people, the nightmare has just begun, and the tragic realization that rebuilding their shattered lives will take months, and perhaps years before anything approaching normality can return.

Please make a donation NOW

The charity I am supporting both personally and in business is the Philippines Red Cross. They are based on the ground, and any donation you make will go directly to those people who need it most, to the people who have suffered and lost everything and whose world has been shattered. Aid is being sent from many countries around the world, but the local Red Cross is on the ground and in the region, organizing and distributing the essentials of life, such as clean water, clothing, medical supplies, food, sanitation and shelter.

Please make a donation now – it does not matter how small. Every donation you make will help the Red Cross to continue to help those who need it most. The families and people of the Philippines who have lost everything, and who are now losing hope. Hope is the one thing we can never afford to lose. So,  please just give whatever you can afford, and in our own small way help to rebuild shattered lives and communities.

Please make a donation NOW

May I thank you personally for your generosity and please do leave any comments here on this post.

Thank you – Anna Coulling

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