Market Roundup

September 25, 2011 Anna 2

Last week was a very difficult trading week as all the capital markets lurched first one way then the other under the mounting pressure of […]

DOW & VIX Update

February 9, 2011 Anna 0

US equities continued higher once again yesterday with both the Russell 2000 and 3000 ending higher on the day, the former at 81.23 and the […]

Market Sentiment & Round Up

January 20, 2011 Anna 0

Market mood, at least in equities and commodities, has turned a little sour this morning following release of key Chinese data overnight.  The releases included […]

Stock Portfolio Update

January 17, 2011 Anna 0

With equity markets approaching new highs  and with the VIX also approaching a dangerously low level, I thought it might be time to update our […]

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