Market Roundup

September 25, 2011 Anna 2

Last week was a very difficult trading week as all the capital markets lurched first one way then the other under the mounting pressure of […]

Soap Opera & Bubbles

May 19, 2011 Anna 0

While the financial media (and general media) has been focusing on the IMF and the Greek debt crisis, markets are still readjusting to the recent […]

Watching Silver Market

May 12, 2011 Anna 2

A sudden surge in the US dollar has been one of ┬áthe triggers for a second round of carnage in commodities with oil, gold and […]

Silver Analysis

May 5, 2011 Anna 4

Since my post on Tuesday warning of an imminent reversal in the spot gold price following the various signals, not least the long leg doji […]

Gold & Silver Update

March 28, 2011 Anna 3

With the first quarter of the year now coming to a close I thought this would be a good time to review the precious metals, […]

Will the Fed Survive?

March 24, 2011 Anna 1

Utah has had enough of the Federal Reserve and has recently passed a bill to make gold and silver legal tender and shops will soon […]

Oil and the Canadian Dollar

March 9, 2011 Anna 2

As a confirmed crude oil bull, who has been bullish on the commodity since early 2010, the recent breakout about $100 per barrel, following the […]

Gold & Silver Update

February 9, 2011 Anna 2

Spot silver extended its recent bullish rally again yesterday ending with a wide spread up candle which finally took the commodity back above $30 per […]

WTI Analysis

February 2, 2011 Anna 0

The WTI contract continues to lag Brent which breached the $100 per barrel price handle last week and, in my opinion, the WTI will follow […]

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