Gold & Silver Update

February 9, 2011 Anna 2

Spot silver extended its recent bullish rally again yesterday ending with a wide spread up candle which finally took the commodity back above $30 per […]

WTI Analysis

February 2, 2011 Anna 0

The WTI contract continues to lag Brent which breached the $100 per barrel price handle last week and, in my opinion, the WTI will follow […]

Gold Analysis

January 26, 2011 Anna 0

Despite this week’s economic releases being a bit of a “mixed bag” traders and investors have tended to remain broadly optimistic as evidenced by global […]

Market Sentiment & Round Up

January 20, 2011 Anna 0

Market mood, at least in equities and commodities, has turned a little sour this morning following release of key Chinese data overnight.  The releases included […]

Oil Drifts Sideways

January 17, 2011 Anna 0

The weaker dollar is not assisting any move in crude oil at present which has currently stalled in the $91-$92 per barrel area following its […]

Gold & Silver Analysis

January 17, 2011 Anna 0

Recent weakness in the US dollar does not appear to have favoured either gold or silver with both pulling back from recent highs with silver […]

The Crude Oil Conundrum

January 11, 2011 Anna 0

Crude oil is crawling back towards the $90 per barrel price point, receiving a boost from yesterday’s Alaska pipeline closure.  With the pipeline responsible for […]

Oil Still Bullish

December 14, 2010 Anna 0

For regular readers of various specialist blogs will know, I have been bullish for some time on many of the major commodities and, in particular, […]

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