Volatility & the euro

August 27, 2015 Anna 6

So far in this morning’s forex trading session it’s been a case of selling the euro and buying the commodity dollars, with a strong move […]

Cable drags down the bulls

August 17, 2015 Anna 0

One question I’m often asked by new traders which currency pairs they should they start with, and my suggestion has always been to consider Cable, […]

Cable waits for BOE

August 6, 2015 Anna 0

Cable anticipating BOE by going precisely nowhere! All we can say is 1.5550 region represents strong support & is also where have the 200 ma. […]

Aussie dollar in focus

August 3, 2015 Anna 0

The commodity dollar now coming into the market’s cross hairs is, of course, the Aussie where a string of key releases are due in the […]